I was very impressed with how skillfully they applied improvisation to what our department needed... And best of all, it really has helped us work together better. We really listen to each other now, instead of pretend to. There is more trust and more ease between us...and we laugh a lot more too.
— Steve M, Deloitte & Touche
Holly worked with us in one of her brainstorming sessions and within 3 hours, she had our team in a completely different place than where we had started. We wouldn’t have said we needed to change much in how we brainstorm and create together...until the session was over. Then we SAW how much limitation there was in how we worked and how we actually DID need it. I can’t recommend her work enough.
— Greg M, Monaco Lange
When you’re part of a creative team, you have to keep pushing to go somewhere new. You get comfortable with working together and start to slide from the edge. Stop taking risks. Look for the known and easy route. Holly gave us excellent tools that got us back on that edge and ways to stay there.
— Tracy G, Comedy Central
The improv portion of the retreat added a dimension that, without, I don’t think the program would have been as successful. The managers relaxed, worked together, and I think saw that they knew a lot more than they believed they did....it gave them tremendous confidence.
— Shannon G, Merrill Lynch
Our team was really under the gun....and we were all tense. I knew I had to do something...We were stressed-out, bickering, and starting to perform below our standard. I had the idea to try improv because it helped me so much...It really worked! The changes to our team were fast and I know everyone got to see there’s another way to work together...it’s been very different ever since we did the three months of iMergence!
— Jenna L, Double Click

MEDIA: Slate article featuring Holly Mandel

“Getting to ‘Yes, And’: How improv comedy skills became a must-have for entrepreneurs” by Seth Stevenson