Unleashing Confidence, Innovation + Impact

It is well-known that there still exists a gap in the business sector in terms of women in leadership and decision-making positions. While there are many inroads to address this issue, unpacking gender expectations and its effects on confidence, perfectionism, leadership, and innovation is key. iMergence has had consistent success with groups of women in all sectors of business, exploring the structures within themselves and discovering the parts (as with each of us) that are not inhibited by the debilitating need to get everything right, please everyone, be liked, say what others want to hear, follow shoulds instead of authentic inspirations, and succumb to the unspoken subtle competitions between one another that arise.

Women who participate in these sessions will:

  • understand the different strategies and motives operating within, based on our different value structures 
  • identify more clearly where to locate the part of themselves that is free, bold, fearless, and holds authentic confidence
  • discover how to strengthen their authentic confidence & their voice
  • trust their ideas, impulses and decisions 
  • experience a deeper trust and understanding between one another
  • participate and contribute more fully and freely, less inhibited and hesitant


How are women and men effected, not by the fact of their gender, but by the conscious and unconscious "shoulds" which are imposed based on ideas we have about gender?

Where is gender expectation inhibiting our creative edge? Our potential for leadership? Our core confidence?

Culture is communicated through values and shoulds, rules and roles. We learn it from our programming as well as being immersed in it over a short period of time - almost like osmosis.

How much have we all explored what about our behavior and expectations of ourselves and others are based on unconscious shoulds? How are those shoulds limiting us, dividing us, and keeping us all from our highest potentials?

This workshop addresses the origins of our gender expectations and opens up a discussion that can further expose where each of us is suffering from them...and how to break free. This is terrain that, if we all took a page from one another, we could actually share what we have learned from each and every gender expectation and help break free of them. What can men and women learn from one another: listening, empathy, teamwork, balance, individual gain, asking for exactly what you want, leadership, confidence, and being goal-focused? The next step is less about "gender versus gender" and much more about the different values we place on ourselves and each other, and the shoulds that box us in.